As a wholesaler, we’re always trying our best to meet our clients' and partners needs' providing the best service in the Old Diamond District.

Sell Your Scrap to Us

Being on the market for more than 80 years, Ideal Refiners have established a reputation of a trustworthy and reliable partner. Through years of experience and networking we have become a successful international wholesaler who can afford to pay our customers higher prices. Having a refinery cuts out the middleman, therefore we offer the best prices.

We buy
gold jewelry

Our history, experience and transparent process separates us from “bulk-buyers” and “Jewelry flippers”.

Wholesale Process

Cal Us to Make an appointment or Schedule it Online

Ideal Refiners is trusted by many jewelers, pawnbrokers, dentists, and industrial companies to process their precious metals. Being in Manhattan’s Diamond District for more than 80 years, we established a network and gained experience which makes us the best place to sell scrap gold and other precious metals. Call Us Today!

Bring Your Lot & Get an offer

Bring your gold and other precious metals in-person to our Manhattan office or send it via mail. Our process is transparent and we use only reliable shipping partners to protect your from losses of any kind. We’ll test and evaluate your lot and immediately provide you with an offer!

Get paid

Your payout will be ready for you the same day you accept the offer. Payments options are available (wire transfer, check or cash)

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