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To a Reputed Precious Metal Refinery & Trustworthy Buyer in New York City.

Sell Your Diamonds with Transparency & Risk FREE

Thinking of selling your loose diamonds or diamond jewelry? We understand that due to a sentimental value, it could be difficult for you to part with your diamonds. We will make sure you feel comfortable through the whole selling experience. Our process and state-of-art technology allows Ideal Refiners to pay you the best price on the market.

Secure, fastest way to sell your diamonds

Selling your loose diamonds to Ideal Refiners is secure, fast and easy. Our team of GIA trained gemologists will appraise your diamonds and provide you with the best price based on the second hand market. With an A+ rating from the BBB, our service is fast and highly secure.

Recently Purchased Items

3.0ct Cushion cut

Paid : $4,125

1.12ct Marques Cut

Paid: $2,725.00

1.0ct Round cut

Paid: $1,095

0.30 Emerald Cut

Paid: $197

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