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Ideal Refiners only work with leading professionals and top notch tools from the Gold, diamond and Watch buying Industry. Our Process designed to get you the maximum price in the shortest time.

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When New York City started racing to be the world’s leading commercial hub, city’s first jewelry district started in downtown. We are proud that our Family Businesses started in same Jewelry Exchange and 80 years later, We are one of the few businesses have withstood the test of time.

Our History

Ideal Refiners, Your Promising, Gold, diamond, watches, Coins & Jewelry buying Network own by a 4th generation Jeweler’s family. We are all American Jewelry & Watch dealers from New York City.

We Pride our history of, over 80 years of Jewelry making, repair and Luxury Watch dealership in New York City & Surroundings. Our family businesses are rooting back to the New York City First Jewelry District in Bowery Street. We have build generations of clientele, and they have always trusted us as number one place to sell their gold, silver, platinum, diamond, and watches.

Our customer service, on the spot 99% payouts and transparent approach has lifted us as to be one of the top three Fine Jewelry & Watch buyers in New York City. We cater everyone including, pawnbrokers, dentists, jewelers and individual sellers. We are proud that we have ability pay up to 99% for all gold items. Unlike other Gold or diamond buyers, we do not charge for Gold melting or computer analysis.

Our Mission

Every day we strive to provide both Precious Metal Refinery solutions and Direct Buying Services to both Individual Sellers and Dealers on-premises. Our Customers’ satisfaction is our Goal.

Our Experience

Diamond District Trusted Refiner

We are well-established and respected in the refiners' world gaining our trust through integrity, loyalty and more than 80 years of experience serving communities in the Diamond District. We have invested in powerful software that helps us to digitize and organize. We document and safeguarding jewelry information to create a fair market price for our customers. Our historical records with data-driven analyze help us to pay more than any other gold buyer in the market.

Topnotch Valuation Team

Ideal Refiners have prepared & distributed authoritative valuations since 1960. Our Estates, Appraisals & Valuations provides seamless, streamlined service. We oversee every part of the estimate, spotting and accommodating the unique needs of executors, solicitors and other professional advisers.

In-house Refinery

Unlike other gold buyers, we do not transport your gold to third-party refineries. We melt and refine gold, platinum & Silver inside our facility with state-of-the-art equipment. By doing that, we minimize transport, insurance & extra labor cost. Our Cost-cutting measures help us to pay you more than any other gold buyers.

Security & Privacy

Our utmost concern is your security and Privacy. We have deployed Industry-leading security protocols by partnering with GIA, Lloyd insurance, ParcelPro (UPS) & FedEx. Both our refinery and the buying office equipped with an advanced surveillance system. All valuables are safely kept away in an industry-leading vault.

Your Discretion is our Top Priority!

With Ideal Refiners you have the confidence of end-to-end privacy. That means your luxury assets are protected from the moment they leave your hands and after you get paid.

We never define Price; We pay market price.

Unlike most gold refiners or buyers, We never set price for your valuables. All gold, silver, and platinum evaluate according to London Gold Exchange Spot Price. For Every Piece you sell, we most competitive prices in New York City.

Rapid testing, Accurate Results.

The precious metal market is always volatile; There is no defined time to sell your Platinum, Gold, and Silver. However, it is more important to earn the highest payout for your metal. You have right to get paid the price of the day you decide to sell.

At Ideal Refiners, We build our process to meet your expectations. Our computerized system and appointment are only buying service output top-notch results without sacrificing the value of your metals.

Ready For a Luxury Selling Experience?

Let us take care of you and provide you with the best selling experience you can imagine. We use the market price for gold and silver every day, because we believe you deserve to be paid the price of the day you decide to sell. We Have Paid Over $5 Million To Our Customers In 2021 and our network is constantly growing.

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