Sell Your Jewelry Gold and Silver Diamond Ring Luxury Watch Coins Gold Bars to Your Trusted Direct Buyer in Bulk or Individually!

Selling To A Direct Gold and Silver Refinery

We understand all the psychological element of selling your gold, other precious metal, diamond, jewelry, and Swiss timepieces. We provide up to $1 million on premises Insurance coverage for your Valuable. We Provide quiet, private and Secure Selling environment in Downtown Manhattan, New York City. Take advantage NOW!!

Items We Buy


Luxury watches are the great assets to be liquidated for cash when time is right. They are always in fashion and in demand. Whether you want to sell you a Rolex, Patek Philippe, Cartier, or any other luxury watch, our goal is to get you the best offer on the market.

Gold & Silver

Gold and Silver have essential value, and very often people include them in their investment portfolio. When the time comes to liquidate such assets and turn them into cash, we will offer you our partnership and help in getting the most out of your investment.

Gold Bars

We understand that selling your gold bar (bullion) is a big decision. Our seamless process makes it easy for you. You can check what your gold bullion is worth with the gold price calculator, and then fill out Free Appraisal form to get a quote on your gold from us.


People decide to sell their diamond rings for both emotional and financial reasons. Whether it is a divorce, broken engagement or an upgrade, we are here for you and ready to work hard on getting you the best reward when it’s time to move on.

Engagement Rings

Diamond jewelry sometimes cary our emotions and sentiment and it could be hard to part with it, especially when worn daily for years. When you decide to put the past behind, we will help you to sell your diamond jewelry and get the most out of it .


Avoid common mistakes when selling your collection of coins. There are many factors that go into determining the value of a coin, and we will guide you through our transparent process. Over years we have built our reputation based on trust, transparency, and fairness.

gold scrap


We serve different industries and apply individual approaches to each client catering to their specific needs. We are a well-known and respected precious metal refinery in the Old Diamond District and we welcome all jewelers, dentists, and pawnbrokers to partner up with us. Our innovative process of refining gold and silver as well as our extensive network allows us to recycle your batch quickly and process your payment immediately.

We buy a variety of scrap jewelry.

Individual Sale

We understand that when you decide to sell a piece of your jewelry, that becomes very personal and not always easy. We are happy to meet with you when you feel ready, or even help you go through the selling process smoothly from the comfort of your own couch.

Whether it is a single item or a collection, we will guide you through the process and buy your fine jewelry, diamonds and watches. We will make sure you receive the best value for your items and enjoy our luxury selling experience, as well as immediate and well-deserved payment. All this makes Ideal Refiners the best place to sell your fine jewelry for cash.

Why Ideal Refiners

Established Old Diamond District Refiner

Our history, experience, and extensive network allows us to pay you the higher prices and process your jewelry faster and more efficient.

Personal Managers

Your personal manager will advise you, support you and make sure you have a great selling experience.

Professional Buyer Network

We have over 1K professional buyers who know the true value. They compete for your piece, getting you the most money.


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